It's a Fresh Start
Many of us wish we had the opportunity to make a fresh start – to discover a place where we are accepted and can develop and grow. Perhaps you went to church in the past and have gotten out of the habit. If it's time for you to jump back in, THE RAY is ready to assist you in that fresh start. You will find people like yourself who are discovering and growing.

We love each other and we will love you too! We believe the church should be a haven – of peace, and harmony.

We hold certain truths to be non negotiable – truths that have been held precious by genuine Christians through the ages. We are unashamed to declare our fidelity to the Word of God. At the same time we understand the impossibility of unanimity on all points of peripheral doctrine. In these gray areas we maintain that we do not have to be twins to be brothers and invite all to visit with us.

We're Contemporary
Our church was designed to meet the needs of twenty first century people just like you. We have planned an atmosphere in which you will feel free to invite friends. We want to be known as a "casual" church – with enough structure to insure order coupled with a freedom that most folks will really enjoy.

We are committed to several things – distinctives about which we feel strongly. We are dedicated to verse by verse exposition of the Scripture in our services. Second we are committed to outreach. We care about our community and want to reach people for Christ. Thirdly, we emphasize fellowship. We take every opportunity to spend time together. Our people are friendly and eager to get to know you. 

We're People Oriented
Our church wants to serve. The church is not an organizational hierarchy. It is not a building or place – the church is people! Some words that describe our people are: Friendly, Warm, Open, Accessible, Loving, Caring. It is our desire to raise up a congregation whose young people honor the Lord and their parents.  Our youth ministries may be exactly the spiritual start your children will respond to.

We're alive, excited, and ready for your visit! We believe that you will be blessed by our music, instructed in the Word, and loved into our fellowship. Come and experience the freshness and vitality of our new church – THE RAY.

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